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Stacia Dearmin, MD

Stacia Dearmin, MD

Dr. Stacia Dearmin is a practicing physician, speaker, writer, and consultant passionate about serving physicians and other healers impacted by difficult patient outcomes and malpractice litigation. Extensive clinical experience together with broad interests in the social sciences and humanities allow her to speak with authenticity and confidence to the emotional and spiritual challenges physicians face.

She demystifies the confusing complex of painful emotions and self-doubt which affect physicians confronted with adverse outcomes and malpractice litigation; explores physician wellness, burnout, PTSD, depression, and suicide; teaches physicians about traversing malpractice litigation; and illuminates what defense lawyers, healthcare risk managers, and hospital leaders need to know to sustain them through it. Her work is permeated by her belief in the power of candor, compassion, and shared experience to heal the most highly trained professionals in healthcare.

She writes regularly on many facets of these complex experiences, and is a sought after public speaker, having been recognized for her capacity to capture the complex texture of these experiences, thereby inspiring healing in others. She is the founder of Thrive: Insight, Education, Support at

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