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Unblinding Trauma Outcomes Reporting: How Should We Proceed?

Learn the potential pitfalls of unblinding trauma outcomes reporting, including why standard measures aren't applicable to trauma situations.

How Can Online Patient Communication Improve Your Medical Practice?

Online patient communication comes with its share of benefits and challenges. Read more for a closer look at engaging patients online.

5 Takes on How Telemedicine Is Changing Healthcare

Telehealth adoption is higher than ever. Learn how telemedicine is changing healthcare while earning CME credits through AudioDigest.

What You Need to Know About the Most Competitive Specialties

Here's a look at the most competitive specialties, why they're competitive and what it means for your choice of field.

Telemedicine for Transplant Hepatology

Gastroenterologists who can practice telemedicine with transplant hepatology can have a significant impact on patients.

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